Start Java Remote Console with Sun embedded Light Out Manager ELO (SUN X2200 M2)

Posted by kelly on Sat, 01/21/2017 - 18:54

With current browsers and java you cannot use remote console because of mismatching ssl-protocols.

1) Download JNLP-File

Login in your ELO with edge or IE and download the jnlp for remote console:
"Remote Control" > "Redirection"

Do not execute jnlp-file!

Open jnlp-file with editor and copy value of last line of <argument>.

2) Download JAR-File

Now download the JAR-file:


Do not execute jar-file!

3) Start console

Start commandline (cmd.exe).

start console with:

java -jar Downloads/JavaRKVM.jar <server_ip_address> 2 0 <argument>

As <argument> use the string from (1)